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No Screenshot Sander 8 Job Controls 1.0
Sander 8 Job Controls is a preparation of Job Control File for Sander-8. Sander is the AMBER module which carries out energy minimization, molecular dynamics, and NMR refinements. The acronym stands for Simulated Annealing with NMR-Derived Energy Restraints, but this module is used for a variety of simulations that have nothing to do with NMR refinement.Variables for the general Sander minimization and dynamics parameters are listed in a...
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Platform: Windows

Java - Viewer - Pdf - Editor - Gaussian - Chemistry - Cross-platform - Computational - Molecule - Molecular
No Screenshot Bible Sander 2.0
Bible Sander displays Scripture from the Bible in a context that makes it easy to copy and paste into word processing documents and email. The verse and reference numbers are not included, making clean-up quick. It uses the texts found at .
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Platform: Mac

No Screenshot LL2MP3 (Flac & Ape to MP3 converter)
This free frontend combines a FLAC to MP3 converter with an APE to MP3 converter. The tags present in the lossless audio files are transferred to MP3 files. LL2MP3 is a lossless (FLAC - APE - WAV) to MP3 converter.Converting FLAC (= Free Lossless Audio Compression), APE (= MAC: Monkey's Audio Compression), and WAV audio files to MP3 (including tags) is easy with this frontend. The frontend is a recursive version, meaning that it processes all...

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Platform: Windows

Software - Stols - Sander
No Screenshot WPDB Database Loader 2.0
The Protein Data Bank Through Microsoft Windows. Analyze 3D structure of biological macromolecules fast and easy. WPDB Database Loader help you interrogate the 3-dimensional structure of biological macromolecules as found in the Protein Data Bank (PDB) using query and display tools like those shown above.WPDB Database Loader Features:Scientific:1. Find structures based on text and sequences searches (mismatches allowed).2. Sequence alignment...

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Platform: Windows

No Screenshot MD5 Pack
Utilities to make and verify MD5 signature files from Explorer's context menu. MD5 signatures can be useful to verify the integrity of files, e.g. after copying. The two free utilities in the MD5 pack allow you to make and check signatures in an easy and fast way.MD5 signatures can therefore be useful to verify the integrity of files e.g. after copying. The two utilities presented here enable you to make and check signatures in an easy and...

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Platform: Windows

Software - Stols - Sander
No Screenshot Eddie the Blind Eagle 2.0b2
Eddie the Blind Eagle is a Mac OS X service that's always running, allowing you to encryption plain text and regular files with a click of the mouse.The encryption algorithm is very strong and TWO keys are needed to encrypt and decrypt. The keys consist of a matrix and a picture. Key loggers can NOT record the password. Baugesellschaft Gerhard Sander und Eckhard Mielke GbR.

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Platform: Mac

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