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No Screenshot Perl Objects for Sequence Analysis 0.8
POSA (Perl Objects for Sequence Analysis) provides an easy-to-use perl interface to handling raw ABI sequence trace files. For example: fasta can be extracted, sequence contigs can be build and putative SNPs and SBE primers can be easily generated.
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Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

No Screenshot Sequence Analysis 1.6
Sequence editing, reverse complement, protein translation, ORF finding, secondary structure, composition, isoelectric point, primer design, pairwise comparison, publish layout, sequence reformatting. Fetches sequence entries directly from the NCBI via Accession number or GID. Reads most sequence formats.This (Java) application is a collage of coding projects which I have written over the past several years for various clients in my work as a...
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Platform: Mac

No Screenshot Oligomer New
Oligomer is a small, simple, Java based application specially designed to help you perform sequence analysis with standard and mixed bases. This tool will also help you find out the physical properties of the sequence, so that you get a complete bio-informatics software. for WindowsAll

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Analysis - Analyze - Analyzer - Sequence Analysis - Oligomer - Analyze DNA Sequence - Calculate Physical Properties
No Screenshot Jnomics 0.1.1-b12
Jnomics was specially designed as a cloud-scale sequence analysis suite. The project was built in order to help meet the computational challenges presented by the continuing revolution in massively parallel DNA sequencing technologies. In total, current worldwide second-generation sequencing capacity exceeds 13 Pbp/year, and continues to increase annually by a factor of five. The storage and analysis of such massive volumes of genomic data...

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Platform: Windows 3.x, Windows , All

Analysis - Analyzer - Sequence - Sequence Analysis - DNA Sequence - Jnomics - Analyze Sequence
No Screenshot Gene Inspector 1.6.8
Gene Inspector is a unique combination of a versatile electronic laboratory research notebook and a comprehensive sequence analysis product. Using GI, the user has the ability to define an entire 'suite of analyses' that can be performed each time they (or anyone in the lab) has a new sequence, and the user can design custom "style sheets" which specify exactly how the output will look. This information can then be saved as a new...

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Platform: Mac

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No Screenshot Sequencher 4.7
Sequencher is the industry standard software for DNA sequence analysis. It works with all automated sequencers and is widely known for its lightning-fast contig assembly, short learning curve, user-friendly editing tools, and superb technical support. First released almost 15 years ago, Sequencher is currently used for sequence analysis tasks in every major genomic and pharmaceutical company as well as numerous academic and government labs in...

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Platform: Mac

Sequencer - Sequencing Software - DNA Alignment - Sequence Assembly - DNA Sequence Analysis - Bioinformatics Software - DNA Sequencer - Contig Assembly - DNA Sequence Alignment - DNA Sequence Software
No Screenshot SeqCorator 2.3
SeqCorator brings advanced graphics to the world of sequence analysis and illustration, creating an environment akin to a combination of Word and PowerPoint that understands sequence data. The integration of graphic drawing and styled text editing enables innovative ways for designing experiments, annotating sequences and features, and creating eye-catching presentations. key features of "SeqCorator": Graphic sequence editing and...

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Sequence Editor - Biosoftware - Graphic Sequence Annotator
No Screenshot Geneious for Mac OS 5.1.5
An automatically-updating library of genomic and genetic data; that provides a fully integrated, visually-advanced toolset for - Sequence alignment and phylogenetics - Sequence analysis, Contig assembly, - primers, restriction analysis - BLAST. Protein structure viewing, NCBI, UniProt, Pubmed auto-find and more - API for creating your own plug-ins - Primer browser: Used for choosing primers for testing and trimming. Allows sorting of...

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Platform: Mac, Linux , 10.4,or,later

No Screenshot Serial Cloner for Mac OS 2.1
A Molecular Biology software that provides tools with an intuitive interface to assists you in DNA cloning, sequence analysis and visualization. Serial Cloner 2.1 handles Features/Annotations and now allows to define, import and export, customized lists of Features. User can annotate any sequence portion or use the automatic scan to detect common features. Serial Cloner can read and write DNA Strider-compatible files and also import or export...

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Platform: Mac, Linux , 10.4,or,later

Serial Cloner
No Screenshot CLC RNA Workbench for Mac OS 4.1
A bioinformatics program for advanced RNA sequence analysis. All analyses are fully integrated in one single, user-friendly, and intuitive software application. Some analyses are: - Secondary structure prediction - Graphical view and editing of secondary structure - Tabular view of structures and energy contributions - Symbolic representation in sequence view - Pattern search - BLAST searches - General sequence analyses - Nucleotide analyses...

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Platform: Mac, Linux , 10.4,or,later

CLC RNA Workbench
No Screenshot NoeClone Basic Edition 3.0
NoeClone, your virtual cloning laboratory. NoeClone provides a knowledge-enhanced and comprehensive solution for virtual cloning, gel simulation, plasmid map drawing and sequence analysis. NoeClone transforms the complex molecular cloning process into a pleasant working experience. Empowered with versatile functionalities of NoeClone, molecular biologists can truly enjoy the fun of molecular manipulation and clone design in sillico. NoeClone...

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Platform: Windows XP, Windows, Windows 2000, Mac OSX, Mac, Windows 98, Linux , WinVista,WinVista x64,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Unix,Linux Console,Linux Gnome,Linux GPL,Linux Open Source,MS-DOS

Cloning - Cloning Software - Molecular Cloning - Bio-softwareplasmid Map Drawing - Bio-software - Cloning Flowchart - Sequence Decoration - Gel Simulation - DNA Sequence Analysis
No Screenshot JCAT (Java Codon Adaptation Tool) 1.0
DNA sequence analysis made easy. The CodonAdaptationTool (JCAT) presents a simple method to adapt the Codon Usage to most sequenced prokaryotic organisms and selected eukaryotic organisms. The codon adaptation plays a major role in cases where foreign genes are expressed in hosts and the codon usage of the host differs from that of the organism where the gene stems from. Unadapted codons in the host can for example lead to a minor expression...

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Platform: Windows

Transcription - Terminator - Bioinformatic - Codon Usage - Bias - Adaption - Prokaryotes
No Screenshot Readseq 2.1.30
Sequence analysis made easy. Readseq is a simple, command prompt based tool, offer users a sequence analysis program.Requirements:* Java

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Platform: Windows

No Screenshot GeneCoder 1.5
GeneCoder is a freely available, comprehensive molecular biology program package for use in molecular cloning and sequence analysis of DNA and protein sequences.GeneCoder Features:Restriction Enzyme Analysis1. Dynamic Restriction Site Lists.2. Editable Restriction Enzyme Library.3. Restriction Enzyme Digests.4. Dynamic Restriction Maps.Regions* Highlight regions of interest in DNA and protein sequences, and include these regions in graphic...

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Platform: Windows

Design - Software - Greg - Cope - Algosome
No Screenshot SeqMonk 0.21.0
A Mapped Sequence Analysis tool. SeqMonk is a software for viewing and analysing mapped sequence data. It was initially written to cope with remapping experiment data from next generation sequencers, but could be applied to any dataset consisting of a series of mapped genomic regions. The software allows you to visualise the positions of your mapped regions against an annotated genome and to quantify the data in order to make comparisons...

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Platform: Windows

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