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No Screenshot DiskInfo_AN 1.00.0270
DiskInfo_AN - Informs on seizure of disks.There are built-in utilities:1) Manager of processes with possibility of search of the hidden and injected processes and possibility to delete the occupied files.2) Cryptography polymorphic control files with a built-in saver of the passwords, that is much more convenient, than to use indirect savers of the passwords.3) Generator of the passwords with possibility to create the own dictionaries of the...
Price: USD $21.00;   License: Shareware (Free to Try)   File Size: 2042 KB;
Platform: Windows NT, Windows, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista

Encryption - Processes - Size - Cryptography - Disks
Screenshot of diabasics diabasics 1.2
diabasics logs blood glucose levels, carbs and fat eaten and, if you are insulin dependent, the amount of insulin you injected. It remembers which finger you have pricked the last time you monitored your blood glucose. This way, you can avoid pricking the same finger over and over again and keep your hands sensible. Diabasics sports a large food database. It calculates a suggested amount of insulin, depending on a flexible profile and also...
Price: USD $29.95;   License: Shareware (Free to Try)   File Size: 2529 KB;
Platform: Windows XP, Windows, Windows Vista , WinVista x64,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Windows Vista x64,Windows Vista x64

Log - Diet - Diabetes - Diary - Health - Blood Glucose - Blood Sugar
No Screenshot Overwhelmed Arena 1.0
Light up the stars with weapons fire in this fast paced 2D shooter injected with articulate modern 3D graphics. Choose from two playing arenas, four beautiful ships, and five wicked weapons to defend yourself. Become an expert pilot and achieve the top arena score!Pilot your ship using the arrow keys. The up and down arrow keys make you go forward and backward. The left and right arrow keys turn your ship. Use the space bar to fire your...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware  
Platform: Mac

Screenshot of DeviceLock DeviceLock 6.2.1
DeviceLock gives network administrators control over which users can access what devices (floppies, serial and parallel ports, Magneto-Optical disks, CD-ROMs, USB and FireWire drives, Bluetooth, ZIPs, etc.) on a local computer. Once DeviceLock is installed, administrators can control access to floppies, CD-ROMs, USB or any other device, depending on the time of day and day of the week. DeviceLock enhances access control for Windows System...

Price: USD $42.00, EUR 32;   License: Demo   File Size: 28873 KB;
Platform: Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows NT, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Protection - Access Control - Secure Nt - Securent - Flock - Floplock - Floppy Lock - Cd Lock - Smart Security - Port Lock
No Screenshot DeviceLock Me 1.42
DeviceLock Millennium Edition gives network administrators control over which users can access what removable devices (floppies, Magneto-Optical disks, CD-ROMs, ZIPs, etc.) on a local computer. Once DeviceLock Me is installed, administrators can control access to floppies, CD-ROMs or any other device, depending on the time of day and day of the week. DeviceLock Me enhances access control for Windows System Administrators and helps control...

Price: USD $35.00;   License: Shareware (Free to Try)   File Size: 1166 KB;
Platform: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me

Windows Security - Flock - Floplock - Floppy Lock - Cd Lock - Smart Security
No Screenshot Libellus 2.0.1
Libellus is a book organizer / manager software.Very intuitive user interface, small, and fast are the key points of Libellus.Some features of Libellus : Organize / Manage :1. Book 2. Author 3. Publisher 4. Category 5. Favourite 6. Wishlist Search :1. Title 2. ISBN 3. Author 4. Publisher 5. Category Print book list Export book list :1. CSV 2. HTML Check out Libellus' new outstanding features:Browse book information on the internet Import book...

Price: USD $14.95;   License: Shareware (Free to Try)   File Size: 583 KB;
Platform: Windows NT, Windows, Windows 2000, Windows XP

Publisher - Organizer - Book - Manager - Isbn - Title - Author - Review - Category - Favourite
Screenshot of ServerDefender VP ServerDefender VP 1.0.0
ServerDefender Vulnerability Protection (VP) Web application firewall is designed to provide immediate PCI compliant protection for Web sites and applications running on the Microsoft IIS Web server by blocking Web attacks including SQL injection, buffer overflows, cross-site scripting (XSS) and request forgery (CSRF), zero-day, brute force, dictionary, denial of service and others. SQL Injection - SDVP scrutinizes incoming data with a...

Price: USD $1495.95;   License: Demo   File Size: 2119 KB;
Platform: Windows Server

Brute Force Attack - Database Security - Iis Security - Sql Injection - Buffer Overflow - Xss - Pci Compliance - Web Application Firewall - Waf - Cross-site Scripting
No Screenshot F-Script for Mac OS 2.0
F-Script is an award winning set of open source tools that complement Xcode and Interface Builder to provide scripting and interactive access to Cocoa frameworks and custom Objective-C objects. It aims to be a useful and fun tool for both beginners and experts, allowing interactively exploring, testing, and using Cocoa-based objects and frameworks. F-Script can be embedded in application thanks to a set of components which are extremely easy...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 26316 KB;
Platform: Mac, Linux , 10.5,or,later

Screenshot of TrojanHunter TrojanHunter 5.5
TrojanHunter is a dedicated anti trojan with file memory and registry scanning. With an easy-to-use Scanner and a Guard that scans in the background TrojanHunter is a must-have complement to your virus scanner. Features - High-speed file scan engine capable of detecting modified trojans - Memory scanning for detecting any modified variant of a particular build of a trojan - Registry scanning for detecting traces of trojans in the registry...

Price: USD $39.95;   License: Shareware (Free to Try)   File Size: 47104 KB;
Platform: Windows 95, Windows, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista

Virus - Spyware - Spy - Keylogger - Scanner - Trojan - Proxy - Malware - Popup - Dialer
Screenshot of Rising Firewall 2011 Rising Firewall 2011 23.00
RISING Personal Firewall is a customizable computer information security protection product designed for individuals to prevent all malicious cyber threats away. Key Features: Zero-Day Computer Security Protection with Rising Cloud Security Rising Cloud Security 3.0, with high intelligence performance based on strong technique support from Rising Cloud Security Data Center which is the largest one in Asia and, the most efficient Rising...

Price: USD $19.95;   License: Shareware (Free to Try)   File Size: 16803 KB;
Platform: Windows 2000, Windows, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista , Windows Vista x64

Firewall - Worm - Trojan - Attack - Online Fraud Protection - Block Hackers - Malicious Programs - Vulnerability Check
No Screenshot MetaClip 2 Pre-Alpha
MetaClip is a handy and reliable clipboard content archiving tool designed to store, organize and restore Windows clipboard contents, including complex formatted textual content, images and other data formats, in portable file-system based libraries for future reuse. MetaClip's ClipManager's current pre-alpha build uses binary serialization to store clipboard content, related metadata, and clipboard object formatting specifications to a...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware  
Platform: Windows 3.x, Windows , All

Organize - Organizer - Clipboard - Manage Clipboard - Clipboard Organizer - Organize Clipboard - MetaClip
Screenshot of Ashampoo Magical Optimizer Ashampoo Magical Optimizer 1.22
It`s a fact!Over time, all PCs become cluttered with unnecessary Internet files and invalid entries are injected into system registry. If not maintained, computer performance significantly deteriorates over time. Thankfully, Ashampoo Magical Optimizer can reclaim this lost performance. A single mouse click of the mouse is all that`s needed to begin an onslaught of cleaning - deep within the heart of the PC. In spite of its complicated work,...

Price: USD $12.99;   License: Shareware (Free to Try)   File Size: 5488 KB;
Platform: Windows 2000, Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista

Utilities - System Utilities - Ashampoo
No Screenshot Afterburner 1.1.4067.34574
Viade Afterburner add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio was designed in such a way as to enhance Microsoft .NET Framework's functionality in the least invasive way for the developer. Enabling any of the offered features is largely seamless - they appear to be part of the original functionality of the framework. The features are injected directly into the assemblies built by your solutions. This ensures that any .NET language can benefit from...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware  
Platform: WindowsAll

Add-in - Visual Studio - Net Framework - Visual Studio Add-in - Afterburner - Deadlock Detector - NET Framework Extender
No Screenshot ForceBindIP 1.2a
ForceBindIP is a freeware Windows software that will inject itself into another software and alter how certain Windows Sockets calls are made, allowing you to force the other software to use a specific network interface / IP address. This is useful if you are in an environment with multiple interfaces and your software has no such option for binding to a specific interface.ForceBindIP works in two stages - the loader, ForceBindIP.exe will load...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 79 KB;
Platform: Windows

No Screenshot dftsuv 1.2.0
Small standardized uptake values calculator. dftsuv calculate standardized uptake values (SUV, DUR, DAR) from regional time-activity curves (TAC), injected dose and subject weight. SUV is calculated as a mean value between specified sample times.DFT is a multipurpose data file format for regional tissue time-activity curves, blood or plasma TACs and fractions of authentic tracer and its metabolites in plasma.Parameters:1. Tissue TAC file...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 85 KB;
Platform: Windows

Software - Data Analysis - Guide - Documentation - Modeling - Modelling - Instrumentation - Dan - Medical Imaging - TURKU PET CENTRE
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